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I bear my testimony that everything the Lord has planned for our sake will come to pass.
'I took the challenge to read about the Book of Mormon.'
Four brothers lead their youngest brother to the waters of baptism.
A brother surprises his family with good news.
“It was a Saturday night in the month of October 2005; a night of pains and sorrows, a night of lamentation and self-pity…..a night that left only the option of suicide on my mind.” 
What compelled Fred Antwi to give up this position of honor – one which many may esteem very desirable?  Fred had found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Firm in his testimony of the principles and doctrines of the Gospel, Fred’s course in life was changed. 
Martha has continued to serve in many callings in Relief Society and Young Women’s where she has had a great influence on many women.  She currently serves in the Ghana Temple as a Senior Missionary.