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Meet a Member

' I could not believe it, but God had blessed me with my sight again.'
Four brothers lead their youngest brother to the waters of baptism.
A brother surprises his family with good news.
A sister overcomes obstacles and discovers miracles
A story, told from two points of view, teaches us that the Lord answers our prayers in ways we aren’t aware of
If we are to be valiant in our testimony of Jesus, we must avoid the stumbling blocks that entrap and impede the progress of many otherwise honorable men and women. Let us determine to always be in His service.
Meet a member in Accra who is bringing hope for a better life to the young women of Ghana
Meet the new president of the Nigeria Abu Temple
A baby makes an unexpected early appearance at the Accra Temple.
Brother Essien is a living example of the increased knowledge and understanding that comes through dedicated study of the doctrine, and the goodness it brings into our life.
Having a strong personal testimony can eliminate fear of proclaiming the truth and sharing the gospel.
Among the first to be baptized in Togo, Ludovic Attiogbe is grateful for  his membership in the restored Church of Jesus Christ.
Peter Mensah found joy and success in his music and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Following advice from parents and obeying the commandments of God in his youth have brought blessings into the life of Calvin Sowah.  
Singing the hymns she learned at school, the Egukos’ little girl brought the spirit into her home. The influence of this spirit led her parents to seek a church where they could worship God.
After reading the Book of Mormon day and night for three or four days, he had become a new person. All desire to break the commandments of God was gone.
Feeling that the dream was from God, Marcel left Cȏte d’Ivoire for Ghana. Not knowing anyone in Ghana and not speaking English, how would he survive?
'The Pathway program has tremendously blessed my life and the lives of so many others.'
“I therefore sanction that my shrine be destroyed and from now on I belong to Christ and his church. So be it.” James Olufemi
Throughout our discussions Sister Bunmi Adeyemi asked many questions, most of which were from the Old and New Testaments.  I then understood why I earlier had the prompting to dig deep into those Biblical books.
“I am what I am today because I have in my own small way kept and observed the principles and teachings of the church; one of which is heeding the admonitions of those called into leadership positions.”
The Africa West Area is pleased to welcome Philippe J. Kradolfer as the new Director of Temporal Affairs