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Missionary Stories

The Conakry Guinea Branch was created in June 2017 under the direction of Elder Terence M. Vinson, Africa West Area President.
I bear my testimony that everything the Lord has planned for our sake will come to pass.
Modeste Kpandonou of Benin shares missionary experience and the use of Sacred funds.
Niambe Mathias Niambe of Ivory Coast recounts his missionary experience.
Uche Kalu of Nigeria exhorts members of missionary age to serve first.
Hold up Your Light That It May Shine
Five new missions will open in 2018; 19 others will merge with other missions
President Uchtdorf gets new assignment
President and Sister Allen will succeed President Scott M. Brubaker and Sister Rebecca Brubaker in the leadership role of the MTC.
A Call to Lighten Burdens.
'It is apparent that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ brings order, peace, and hope to places and people everywhere'.
Six new mission presidents arrived in the Africa West Area this month
A missionary relates what he has learned about sharing the gospel.
A wonderful celebration of song and dance filled the Christiansborg Stake Center to honor New Horizon Special School founder, Mrs. Salome Francois, and thank families.
An account of the miraculous conversion of the Augustine Amankwah Family
Read of one of the many small miracles that show us the Lord loves our missionaries
Senior missionaries make a significant difference in the life of a young disabled brother
What do pigeons and kola nuts have in common? They are both gifts of honor and respect from African chiefs and were presented to two senior missionary couples upon their meeting.
'But now, it’s Africa’s turn, and we will see thousands upon thousands baptized in Africa with exponential growth. The number of missionaries will easily double in three years. We’re so excited that we can be a part of this thrillng time in this locality of the restoration of the gospel.”
We discovered that each of their arrivals at the MTC was not only a miracle but also that it was a piece of a foreordained plan to build the Kingdom of God in Africa.
On January 7, 2016, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the formation of three new missions: the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mbuji-Mayi Mission, the Nigeria Owerri Mission and the Vietnam Hanoi Mission.
An unlikely group of Botswana boys find the gospel and help each other prepare for missions. Three of them serve missions in Ghana Cape Coast Mission.
They were ready to run for their lives, but had nowhere to run to and had resigned themselves to fate, when they heard, for the second time that week, a voice behind the menacing officer question, 'Are there LDS missionaries in this town?'
God prepares people in multiple ways to accept His servants.
When Folly asked his neighbor for help with exam fees, he received much more, he received the blessings of the gospel as well. 
How could two young boys make a difference in his family and his marriage?
Missionaries from the Ghana Accra West Mission celebrated the New Year with a new tradition—singing in the mall
Life was hard, and Tatenda would often cry wishing that his parents were still alive.  He had already buried 4 caregivers.   
Following the prompting he received, without knowing why, Elder Mobio learned that we can be instruments in the Lord’s hands. He knows how and when to use us in His work.
When Bose came in contact with the missionaries, she knew that the gospel they were preaching was true.  She needed the gospel to re-organize her life that was then in tatters.
Of the 76 full time missionaries serving in Ghana prior to the “Freeze”, sixty were located when the “Freeze” was lifted eighteen months later.  Fifty-seven left jobs and school and returned to continue their missionary service. There was a special outpouring of the spirit during this time of reorganization.  
Elder Wall felt prompted to share his testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, or the Mormons.  Ms. Amarteiflo’s face brightened, she motioned for us to sit down again.