Stories of Faith

    The Joy of a troubled mother!
    Building the Church in Tongo, Sierra Leone
    More than 80 ancestors uploaded on FamilySearch resulting in 350 temple ordinances.
    They were specially assigned to teach, motivate, and assist “The Rising Generation”.
    How Ghanaian Church Members Risked Imprisonment for Their Faith.
    We prayed for the Lord to help us keep his day holy by providing our needs from Monday to Saturday.
    The Conakry Guinea Branch was created in June 2017 under the direction of Elder Terence M. Vinson, Africa West Area President.
    Learn about How We Got the Book of Mormon
    I bear my testimony that everything the Lord has planned for our sake will come to pass.
    A great miracle took place as soon as we got to Accra.
    Modeste Kpandonou of Benin shares missionary experience and the use of Sacred funds.
    Niambe Mathias Niambe of Ivory Coast recounts his missionary experience.