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Now it’s Africa’s Turn!

"But now, it’s Africa’s turn, and we will see thousands upon thousands baptized in Africa with exponential growth. The number of missionaries will easily double in three years. We’re so excited that we can be a part of this thrillng time in this locality of the restoration of the gospel.”

Studying Church Literature Helps Me Understand the Gospel

Brother Essien is a living example of the increased knowledge and understanding that comes through dedicated study of the doctrine, and the goodness it brings into our life.

Young Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Visits Orphanage in Nigeria

Young Women camp is an opportunity for young women to draw closer to Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, serve others, build friendships and unity and learn leadership and outdoor skills.

Overcoming Trials to Get to the MTC

We discovered that each of their arrivals at the MTC was not only a miracle but also that it was a piece of a foreordained plan to build the Kingdom of God in Africa.

Submit A Story

To the Saints of the West Africa Area we extend an invitation to write and submit inspiring and faith promoting experiences for publishing  consideration in the Africa West Area Website.