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Mission Interrupted by the Freeze

Serving a mission in Ghana before and after the freeze presents challenges but also brings blessings into the Life of Billy Johnson’s daughter, Alice Johnson Haney.

All Because a Little Girl Sang!

Singing the hymns she learned at school, the Egukos’ little girl brought the spirit into her home. The influence of this spirit led her parents to seek a church where they could worship God.

Do Mormons Use the Bible?

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can use simple, every-day opportunities to correct the stereotypes and false information spread about the Church.


Band of Brothers

An unlikely group of Botswana boys find the gospel and help each other prepare for missions. Three of them serve missions in Ghana Cape Coast Mission.

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To the Saints of the West Africa Area we extend an invitation to write and submit inspiring and faith promoting experiences for publishing  consideration in the Africa West Area Website.