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    Teshie Stake PA Creates Awareness on Latenu Radio.
    Video: The Africa West Area Presidency presents Area Plan for Leaders and members for the year 2019.
    Blessings come to us when we lose ourselves in the service of others.
    These changes are being made to better position the missions in Nigeria for the future growth and establishment of the Church.
    'Here a Little, There a Little'.
    More than 80 ancestors uploaded on FamilySearch resulting in 350 temple ordinances.
    The YSAs had many questions and enjoyed the opportunity to have a candid conversation with their leaders.
    Elder Miller, Area YSA missionary shared a brief message on God’s love, mercy and the power of redemption.
    They were specially assigned to teach, motivate, and assist “The Rising Generation”.
    'Home evening is a time for group activity, for organizing, for the expressions of love, for the bearing of testimony, for learning gospel principles, for… fun and recreation … unity and solidarity.”
    Starting in January 2019, copies of the Liahona, the international magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will arrive with a new addition.
    Beginning in January 2019, children will complete Primary and youth will progress from one class or quorum to another as age-groups, instead of on their birthdays.