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Benin Cotonou Mission

Benin Cotonou Mission
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Benin Cotonou Mission

Martin and Ruth Simone Goury

Dalebe Martin Goury, 53, and Ruth Simone Goury, four children, Lekki Ward, Lagos Nigeria Yaba Stake: Benin Cotonou Mission, succeeding President Pierre-Paul Morin and Sister Colette Morin. Brother Goury serves as a bishop and is a former bishop, branch president, high priests group leader, elders quorum president, and ward mission leader. Country operations manager, OneSubsea Services. Born in Yopoue, Ivory Coast, to Maurice Yoro Goury and Gaby Odette Goury.

Sister Goury serves in a ward Relief Society presidency and is a former stake and ward Relief Society president, ward Primary president, seminary teacher, and missionary in the England London South Mission. Born in Beverley, England, to Alan John Kennington and Myra Eva Kennington.

Contact Information

Office            +229 21-30-84-23

Fax            +229 21-30-32-82

Mailing Address           

Quartier Cadjehoun #1158

Block F

01 BP 3323 Cotonou