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Our Pioneers

Official Latter-day Saint history published in 14 languages
How the 1978 revelation blessed me and my family.
How Ghanaian Church Members Risked Imprisonment for Their Faith.
Brother Ake, Ikechukwu Felix recounts his Conversion Story in Nigeria.
The Church created its first branch in the African country of Guinea , according to
Saints in Togo See Daniel’s Stone Rolling through Own Land  
Serving a mission in Ghana before and after the freeze presents challenges but also brings blessings into the Life of Billy Johnson’s daughter, Alice Johnson Haney.
They were ready to run for their lives, but had nowhere to run to and had resigned themselves to fate, when they heard, for the second time that week, a voice behind the menacing officer question, 'Are there LDS missionaries in this town?'
Lucien recalled, you know when you receive the Holy Spirit you want everyone to feel that joy that you feel. I said to myself that Africa, especially Cȏte d’Ivoire, absolutely needed this gospel.
If we remember our divine heritage and promised blessings, we will be able to resist worldly temptations.
The conversion of Isaac Addy to the restored Church in 1976 required faith and trust in the timing of the Lord.
“I determined to break from poverty by seeking God earnestly.” What made this more than a childish wish was that she also made several powerful commitments. These, she felt, would help her find a better life.
Our journey through mortality is more of a long distance race than a sprint. Gospel  guidelines will help us build our spiritual strength and endurance.
“The Lord knew we had no one to help us, so he helped us through revelation, daily revelation,” We were really depending upon the dictates of the Spirit.”
Joining the Church brought about a great change in him. He learned that if he wanted the best of what God was offering, he needed to do his best in whatever he did.
James and John were baptized along with many others who had been awaiting the arrival of the missionaries who came with the authority to baptize, organize the Church and confer the priesthood on worthy males.  It was a long awaited and joyous time.
What threat does the tradition of men pose to our journey back to our Heavenly Father?
“After many prayers and fasting with my wife, I decided to return to Ivory Coast to give what I had received, to improve the lot of my family and my people.”
What compelled Fred Antwi to give up this position of honor – one which many may esteem very desirable?  Fred had found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Firm in his testimony of the principles and doctrines of the Gospel, Fred’s course in life was changed. 
 “If we will give such service, our days will be filled with joy and gladness. More important, they will be consecrated to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to the blessing of all whose lives we touch.” (President Hinckley, March 1987 Ensign).
Married in 1975, Kenneth and Janet Andam were living and raising their family in Kweikuma, Takoradi, Ghana. The accounts of their introduction to and subsequent years as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are an inspiration.
Of the 76 full time missionaries serving in Ghana prior to the “Freeze”, sixty were located when the “Freeze” was lifted eighteen months later.  Fifty-seven left jobs and school and returned to continue their missionary service. There was a special outpouring of the spirit during this time of reorganization.  
“The temple coming to your area was not an accident.  It came as a result of your faith and prayers to have a temple amongst you that would enable you to receive ordinances from the Lord that would enable you to become eternal families and gain your eternal salvation.”   
Nigerian Builds ‘LDS’ Congregation, Waits for Missionaries.
“We know that the Lord [had] more work for us here in Sierra Leone,” Menti said. “Many areas have been opened to the preaching of the gospel. Our journey, though as difficult as it was, the Lord provided a way.”
Martha has continued to serve in many callings in Relief Society and Young Women’s where she has had a great influence on many women.  She currently serves in the Ghana Temple as a Senior Missionary.
Elder Ted Cannon, first missionary to Cape Coast, Ghana, baptized members and established the first branch in an area where his Great-great grandfather, Captain George Cannon, traded for slaves.
Nowhere is the work of God rolling forth faster than it is in Africa.  We marvel as we see the large number of converts joining the Church.   
Sister Julianna Anno is an early convert in Ghana. Her story is one of faith, testimony, inspiration and continued commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.